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Dancing Moon Books & Gifts has become one of the largest independent, New Age retailers in the Southeast. We carry a large selection of metaphysical books and gifts, aromatherapy and candles, CDs, incense and crystals, jewelry and tarot decks, and herbs. We also offer psychics, healers and a wide variety of classes that we know you’ll find interesting.  We invite you to browse our website (as you do, remember that the inventory listed is just a small sub-set of what we carry in the store and is continuously being updated so please call the store to see what’s in stock), check our  events calendar for a listing of readers and healers, upcoming events, classes, and seminars;  or just come by in person and spend some time at the“MOON” – we trust you will find it an enlightening experience!



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This Month’s Book Pick

You have wise spiritual guides from the mystical worlds of Crystals and Ascended Masters. They are ready to help you on your path of spiritual growth now. In Crystal Masters 333, Alana Fairchild, author of the bestselling Kuan Yin Oracle, continues the highly successful Crystal Spirituality Series, which began with Crystal Angels 444. She shares her unique approach to crystal healing, combining the natural healing properties of each crystal and its ‘crystal angel’ or ‘spirit’ with wisdom teachings from the loving Ascended Masters, such as Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Jesus, the Buddha, Mary Magdalene and Merlin. Together they help you take the next steps on your path of spiritual growth, by preparing you with the teachings and tools you need to successfully navigate the demands of spiritual initiation.
Each chapter deals with a powerful precious stone and its heavenly angel and features spiritual teachings and stories from Alana’s own life and work, as well as a healing process to help you fully harness the therapeutic potential of that stone and connect directly with the Ascended Masters, to receive their wisdom and blessings. You will delve deeply into a variety of topics including aligning with divine will, healing the child within, planetary healing, spiritual communication, enlightenment and spiritual growth, the light body, the golden body, and much more. You have important healing work to do on yourself and for the planet. Crystal Masters 333 is written for you, to help you successfully complete your task, with greater happiness and fulfilment.


This Month’s Oracle Pick


This deck is for those who feel an inner calling to connect with divine light and higher frequencies of consciousness to bring healing to the world. You can create a positive contribution to our planet, evolve spiritually, and develop your innate abilities to work with energy through different healing modalities, channelling, and communicating with higher beings such as angels, ascended masters and other spiritual guides. You can help humanity shift from fear to love.
You might already know you are a lightworker, or maybe you wonder if you are meant to be a healer or guide for others on their spiritual journey. If you are attracted to this deck, then your soul is telling you that you are a lightworker, and you have a life purpose that involves healing yourself and the Earth. Lightworker Oracle is designed to support your deeper awakening, empower you and encourage you to fulfill your divine life purpose.

Sept 2017 at the Moon!

For all September events — times, pricing, and other information — visit the Event Calendar.

Sept 3rd – Sun – Beginner Runes with Sleipnir’s Saddle.

Come learn about the runes of the Elder Futhark! Come join a free open to the public study group studying the Runes of the Elder Futhark, the oldest known version of the runic script of the ancient Northern Europeans.

Time: 3:30pm – 5:30pm, Cost: $5.00

Sept 7th – Thurs – Moon Musings with Channel Barbara Marciniak & The Pleiadians.

Join Pleiadian Channel and internationally known speaker Barbara Marciniak as she shares critical NEW material from the Pleiadians on how to deal with the world’s increasing chaos and the accelerated pace of life. 

Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm, Cost: $20.00

 Sept. 9th- Saturday-Angel Workshop in Spanish: “Discover and Connect with your Archangels”

We are each on a unique journey of enlightenment, love, compassion, and healing. Each one of us has encountered different challenges, including those which have caused us to feel our world crumbling beneath our feet.  Sometimes we have felt as if we are walking alone, but we are never alone, for we are surrounded by the love and support of Divine magnificence.  Without any doubt, no one is left alone to face the challenges we encounter during our lifetime. Each one of us is a unique creation meant to feel joy, love and peace. We are surrounded by God’s unconditional love and the divine magnificence of the Archangels, which we can invoke when we are in need. Accept this special invitation to experience what God and the Archangels have planned for you to experience at this precise moment in time.  
Time: 10:00am- 12:00pm, Cost $60 

Sept 10th– 2:30pm- 4:00pm- Born Aware with Diane Brandon

Diane Brandon will sign copies of her new book, Born Aware:  Stories & Insights from Those Spiritually Aware Since Birth.  Born Aware is about a rare phenomenon:  people who have a conscious spiritual awareness at birth that is mature and clear, which often includes memories of the other side before coming here. 

Born Aware delves into the effects of having been born aware, what we can learn from it, and the implications for human consciousness and spirituality.  People who were born aware have always remembered their at-birth thoughts, perceptions, and memories, without needing to retrieve or reclaim them.  The book also shares how we may benefit from this information, even if we weren’t born aware.

Sept 10th- Sun- Chakradance Workshop
With Susan Melchione.

The chakradance workshops are fun meditations that are deeply healing. You will do meditative movement, mandala art and have time to share. FOR all levels of fitness. 

Time: 2:00pm- 3:30pm Cost: single class $20.00 or pack of three or more classes $15.00/ class.

Sept 14th– Gathering of Angels- Hosted by: Diana Henderson with Margaret A Harrell and Maryphyllis Horn 

Those who write books on healing, metaphysics and/or intuition are here as Divine messengers or emissaries to offer humanity solutions for walking the path consciously and moving through this great shift of the ages. At this meeting we’ll be joined by some of our local messengers to offer insights from their books and/or lives/practices. Each one will present for about 30 minutes and share concepts or techniques to further our understanding. This meeting will include:

  • Presentations from the following authors: Margaret A. Harrell, Diana Henderson and Maryphyllis Horn
  • Meditation, information and/or experiential exercise with each author 
  • A crystal for each attendee and exercise to work with it from Diana’s upcoming book
  • Door prize drawing 

Cost: $11 – $33 (Sliding scale – $11 minimum)

 Sept 16th– Sat- Decoding Your Aura Workshop: The aura is NOT just a blob or halo of light whose colors happen to have meaning—it’s a personal sensory organ you can learn to use, for better health, and relationships! Come find out how Saturday, Sept 163-5 pm. *Cost: $20 cash or check at the door.

To register call or text Rebecca at 305-343-2896, or email

 On Facebook:

 Sept 17th – Sun – The Hidden Design of Reality:
The Changeover Times with Barbara Marciniak &
The Pleiadians.

Please join us for a series of high-energy Sunday afternoon channelings here at the Moon, where the Pleiadians will orchestrate an exciting exploration of the metaphysical, mysterious and hidden factors shaping our times.  

Time: 1:30pm – 5:00pm, Cost: $30.00 

Sept 23rd– Sat-Tarot without Tears, Part 2 with Beth Owls Daughter

Tarot Without Tears
Part Two: The Wisdom Journey
with Beth Owl’s Daughter

Pre-registration on Beth’s website: $85 * 

Are you ready to read with skill and assurance? This is the class for you! In this all-day Tarot intensive, you’ll zip beyond the basics and experience how the cards interact with each other in a reading. 

By the end of the day, you’ll be able to read the cards — getting the information you need quickly and confidently. Best of all, you’ll be able to do it without a lot of memorizing and looking everything up in the books. All done with lots of practice & group activities!

 Time: 11:00am- 6:00pm

Sat- Sept 30th-Healing with Crystals & Stones with Dianne Evans M.A.

Manifesting Healing, Health, & Joy With Crystals and Gemstones
In this Introductory Crystals & Stones Workshop, you will learn how to…

  • Recognize and access Crystals & Stones’ Healing Qualities & Features
  • Reflect on any Belief Systems that may be limiting Creating the Life You Desire
  • Heal Yourself and Others by using the Top Ten Crystals for Health, Happiness & Joy
  • Further develop your intuition through Crystals and Stones work
  • Work with focused Crystals/Stones to enhance Your Healing, Meditation, & Spirit work
  • Connect with and “sense/feel” Crystals & Stones’ messages for You
  • Strengthen your foundation by selecting new Crystals & Stones to work w/in 2017

Workshop includes handout, meditation and exercises to connect to your Higher Self and Spirit Guides for Guidance / Assistance

*Please call Dianne Dorman Evans, MA at 919-520-9864 to register and pay for this workshop either in advance or at the door. Cash preferred; checks accepted; credit card not available at this time. You can also email Diane at
Time 2:00pm- 4:00pm, Cost $39.00 cash or check only