Full Moon for January 2018 
Written by Edith Reed

A full moon is a culmination; the outcome of the energies set in motion at the New Moon.  Too often, we are so occupied with simply managing our physical existence that we fail to take notice of this natural sequence of events – especially if we allow ourselves be bombarded by the media about problems and concerns that arise in our increasingly chaotic world.  But if we are mindful of our personal evolution – of keeping in touch with our soul purpose, we might think of the new moon as presenting us with a new step to take or a problem to be solved, and the full moon as presenting the outcome or resolution. 

For the past several months, we have been on the receiving end of a series of new and full moons which have repeated the same lesson in differing aspects: that lesson being to incorporate the light (higher-level knowledge) of the Galactic Center into our consciousness.  Starting with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse of August, each new moon has connected in some way with the Galactic Center, Chiron[1] and Uranus[2].  The theme of these lessons seems to be the awakening of our higher consciousness (the Galactic Center) through right brain stimulus (Uranus) in order to find effective new methods (Chiron) to heal our many ills: the ills of society which have built up over thousands of years, and our personal ills, both in this life and from possible previous existence.  

The full moons of these past months are not so easy to comprehend: they culminate by highlighting the least understood planet in our solar system – Neptune.  It is now in its own sign of Pisces, which comes at the end of the zodiac: Neptune’s work here is to dissolve everything that has come before into an essence which forms the ‘seed’ for a new beginning.  One interpretation could be that our present task is to make use of our new knowledge to successfully conclude our old ‘Piscean Age problems’ in preparation for the new age to come..  

Neptune has many fine qualities: in its highest vibrations it represents the ability to transcend boundaries.  It is the planet of intuition, idealism, enthusiasm, empathy, and imagination.  It stands for the highest levels of spirituality, for the most inspiring works of art and the most compassionate of humanitarian endeavors.  But its effect depends upon how we respond to it, and we need to be aware that at the vibrational level of the world we live in, Neptune also produces glamor, illusion, confusion, and those things that have an element of unreality, like the film industry, the social media, science fiction, and also the tendency to escape our reality through addiction.  In our tangible physical world it rules institutions in general such as hospitals, prisons, the pharmaceutical industry, and our use of petroleum for energy.  We have the choice to use these things for good or for selfish and greedy reasons, but we can also abandon them when safer and more effective methods are found.  Above all, let us be aware of our choices, so that we don’t keep using the same old methods out of habit!  There is a saying to the effect that a journey begins with a single step.  Let’s add this: “A new paradigm begins with a single thought”. 

This month, at the fourth quarter Moon on the evening of January 8, we have the advantage of an additional energy that can result in much good: that of transformation.  This is due to the close connection of the Sun with Pluto[3].  We are told that Pluto is no longer considered a planet, but this in no way has diminished his power, a power that gives us the ability to ‘die’ to one state of existence, and to be reborn into a new and hopefully better one.  Pluto in this sense has a purifying effect.  This gives us a powerful arsenal to accomplish much good as this astrological month comes to a close.  However, if this is new to us we had best start with small things like ridding ourselves of some old attitude or habit that deters us, or working on some problems with family or those who are close to us[4].  

The New Moon in Capricorn on January 16 will present us with another aspect of the new Galactic Center information.

[1] Chiron was named for the mythical centaur known as ‘the wounded healer’. He accidentally shot himself in the foot with a poisoned arrow, but because he was immortal, he could not die; but because of this experience, he was a wiser being. Planetoid Chiron’s orbit falls between Saturn and Uranus.  It breaks down the restrictions of Saturn and gives us access to the energies of the outer planets, Uranus Neptune and Pluto.  Chiron can heal on all levels through the body-mind-soul connection.

[2] The Galactic Center is in favorable trine to Uranus (creativity) in Aries (new beginnings), and in more active square to Chiron in Pisces. 

[3] The Sun in Capricorn connects with Pluto (personal power through the ability to change and grow in fundamental ways).  The Moon squares the Sun from Libra (the sign of cooperation)  Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio (sextile Sun & Pluto) help to work out a true transformation

[4] Pluto’s negative qualities include the desire to control others, and things like jealousy and revenge. 

[5] Mercury changes to direct motion at 13 Sagittarius square Neptune at 11 of Pisces.  While the higher vibrations of Neptune can bless us with wonderful spiritual inspirations, its negative side could be taken be taken as a symbol of the unhealed ills of the Piscean Age.  It is likely that substance abuse will peak at this time but that there will also be positive efforts to treat it.