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Name / Specialty

I’ve been doing numerology charts for over 25 years and my reading are focused around your life path, why you are here in this life; and the energy both strengths and challenges you are here to reconcile and work through to live your best, most productive and happy life.  My full charts include past, present and future energies and a full 30+ page chart to read later.

Energetic Numerology Readings & Charts –Numerology is a mathematical method of ancient science created by Pythagoras, a philosopher, 2500 years ago who coined the phrase Philosophy. He discovered that by using our birth names and dates we can understand our life path and the energetic cycles that come into our space throughout our lives through the use of numerology formulas. By formulating our birth name and birth date in a numerology chart, he stated that we can better understand ourselves, each other, and the direction we are taking, personally and collectively. Everything in life is a cycle and numerology helps us understand those energetic cycles and how significant good “timing” is when making life decisions. I have found just the “knowledge” of our numerology cycle can help us understand that everything is fluid and that everything eventually passes. This knowledge can release us to understanding these cycles and how to best work within the energy challenges and strengths.  Numerology teaches us that life energy ebbs and flows. Ultimately there is much value in understanding this energy when making and evaluating the timing of our decisions.

Numerology Pricing: 

Life path & Purpose, current year and monthly reading.  Comes with a printout of your life path number. $60.00/30 minutes

Full 30+ Page chart (to be emailed after the reading to review later) and one full hour reading for life path and purpose, other core numbers, pinnacles, personal years & months. $100/60 minutes.

I look forward to hearing from you at


Diana Henderson – Spiritual Counselor, Healing Arts Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Ascension Artist, Author and Speaker. Founder, Order of Archangel Michael and A Gathering of Angels

We have entered a new age and it’s time to truly honor the fact that we co-create our lives based on the choices we make in each moment. Taking responsibility for our lives is vital, and aligning with the soul purpose unique to each of us is the key to success and abundance. To honor these truths, Diana no longer offers predictive “readings.” Instead, she provides opportunities for personal growth, spiritual alignment and healing through the following types of sessions as well as a number of holistic modalities and classes.

Ø    Soul Purpose Counseling* and  Life Design Counseling*

Ø    Energetic therapy/cleansing to promote clarity, health and harmony

Ø    Classes that empower you to heal and energize your unique destiny – Reiki (all levels), Sacred Heart Soul Healing, Intuition, Angels & Archangels, Crystals, DNA Activation and more

 *Soul Purpose CounselingAre you ready to consciously walk your soul path? Together we can tap into the Light of your uniqueness and discern the potential pathways that will be most aligned with your spirit. This may include information regarding the realm into which you were first born, the journey you have walked in other lives and the overall framework of your Spirit’s Purpose.

*Life Design Counseling: These sessions are geared toward illuminating your life plan (in the short or long term). Even those who already know their soul or life purpose may benefit from this type of session and come away with more clarity and a keener sense of direction. Laying the groundwork by exploring your options on your own before this type of session will help things move more quickly. However, starting from scratch is also possible with the understanding that Soul Purpose Counseling will be the starting point for the session in such cases.

With both types of session, Diana uses numerology—particularly your life path number and current year information as a foundation. Her own Ascension Art Angelic Guidance cards help to focus the energies and awaken deeper insights. Diana also taps into the wisdom and guidance of your Higher Self to bring further clarity to the life design. These sessions include a brief channeled message from your I Am Presence (highest self), guardian angel or other Light Being to provide encouragement, insight or harmony to the path.

Diana has worked with the Angels and Ascended Masters of Light for almost two decades. The Angels of the Light lovingly assist her in all aspects of her work from creating Ascension Art to conveying intuitive messages and facilitating healing/cleansing sessions. Even some of the classes she teaches were prompted by her work with the Angels and Ascended Masters. 

Diana’s innate intuitive gifts and ability to connect with the Angels (present from early childhood) led her to engage in intuitive work beginning in the mid-1990s. After 13 years of doing what most would describe as traditional intuitive reading, Spirit guided her in 2009 to focus more deeply on the issues at hand and place the emphasis on counseling rather than the typical reading style.

As a lifelong clairaudient and empath, Diana cherishes the tools of the healer/teacher/messenger that assist her in aligning with her own spirit’s calling. Clients and students who are here to follow a similar path often find their way to her door in order to get the nudge needed to help them live their purpose. 

For more information about Diana and her work, visit, (her blog site), or call 919-264-0159. You may email Diana <a href=“”>by clicking here</a>.

In your counseling session, you’ll be working with cards designed by the Angels through Diana. She regularly receives Divine visions of Light from Spirit that come to life in her Ascension Art. Diana will soon be publishing the Angel card deck and her crystal card deck, but for now she uses them in her work with clients.

Diana is also the author of Grandfather Poplar, a novel about a 14-year-old girl who communicates with trees and shares journeys with her spirit guide, a Cherokee medicine man who is her ancestor. The main character has much in common with Diana! The e-book is available at

Cost for one-hour Soul Purpose Counseling or Life Design Counseling: $90.00

Cost for half-hour Soul Purpose Counseling or Life Design Counseling: $55.00

Cost for a 90-minute Soul Purpose Counseling and/or Life Design Counseling: $144.00 

Bill Bryan is a second generation Tarot card reader, and augments his in-depth Tarot card knowledge with a deep understanding of the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life.
Bill’s Kabbalah-based readings guide you to your joyful Path, providing clarity, insight and direction. A Tree of Life Reading helps you to:

Ask questions about any area of your life, no matter how broad or specific.            

  • Understand how all your activities are part of a greater creative process.
  • See patterns, both good and bad, and how they are helping or hindering your growth and happiness.
  • Feel the presence of a force greater than yourself, a force that is benevolent and loving, and in constant co-creation with you, even if you don’t know it. But if you do know it, you can relax in it and trust it—and let it guide you on your Path to Victory.

Session Pricing $50 / 30 minutes $75 / 60 minutes For More Information Email Bill Bryan  

Beth Owl’s Daughter is a lifelong seer, and spiritual guide, sharing her gifts with thousands of clients worldwide. Since 1972, her passion has been working with the beautiful, powerful Tarot. Beth is —

  • a master Tarotist and member of numerous professional Tarot organizations that set the highest standards for skill, integrity, and professionalism.
  • a respected teacher, writer, and leader in the international professional Tarot community. She is the reader other Tarot professionals, authors, and spiritual adepts choose and trust.
  • author of hundreds of articles, reviews, and columns about the Tarot. She is also an award-winning blogger [] and has been featured in numerous radio interviews, podcasts, and public events.
  • a former corporate trainer and facilitator, now focusing these skills on developing and teaching classes, workshops, and seminars that inspire and transform.
  • the founder and organizer of one of the world’s largest, oldest, and most successful Tarot social groups.
  • a former officer on the Board of Directors for Cherry Hill Seminary, leading provider of education and training in leadership, ministry, and personal growth for Pagan and Nature-Based spiritualities.

Beth Owl’s Daughter offers practical wisdom for extraordinary living. Beth Owl’s Daughter is honored to serve the patrons of Dancing Moon twice a month. Because a reading can continue to resonate and unfold for some time to come, she encourages you to record your session with your smart phone or other recording device. With the help of her spirit allies, as well as her skills reading the Tarot, Beth can see the possibilities before you. Even better, she will help you see them, too — in new, dynamic ways. Her guidance will spark your own sacred wisdom and connect you to your heart-centeredpower and vision. Awaken your dreams, focus your creativity, and manifest your vision. Session Pricing $70 / 30 minutes $125 / 60 minutes For More Information

Spiritual Guide/Channel Ordained Priestess Teacher/Lecturer Recording Artist


I have over twenty-five years of experience as a psychic channel and teacher in the spiritual community. I have traveled and worked internationally and I have appeared on television as well as numerous radio shows. I use my clairaudience to hear your spirit guides and deliver psychic messages to you. I can help you overcome blocks in your life by clarifying core issues and patterns that prevent you from fulfilling your purpose and passion. Often these blocks are residue from past lives. I am also a Tarot Reader and I give readings twice a week. I am very accurate with time frames concerning any question or issue. I am also a Medium if you need comfort from the dearly departed as well as a Pet Psychic if you want to understand your pet’s needs. I am an Ordained Priestess in the Order of Melchizadek with the Sanctuary of the Beloved and I am a powerful channel for light and healing. I am a High Priestess in the Wiccan tradition and have performed many rituals including Handfastings, Sabbats and Wiccanings. I am a practicing White Witch and I offer classes and workshops. I have written for many publications and am a regular contributor for Innerchange Magazine based in North Carolina. I am also a poet and songwriter with two published albums that can be purchased in metaphysical shops. ***Call the psychic that the psychics call with their personal questions or concerns. *** *** Cherie is available for private consultation either in person or by phone.*** Cherie has been playing music her entire life and in 1995 released the critically acclaimed album “Heart Shadows” Session Pricing $65 / 30 minutes $95 / 60 minutes For More Information Email Cherie Lassiter

Spiritually aware since birth (she’s always remembered what she thought when she was born), Diane Brandon has been a reader at Dancing Moon since 1993. She’s an Integrative Intuitive Counselor who uses her intuitive and spiritual gifts to counsel and facilitate others in loving and supportive sessions and who has been sharing her gifts with others since 1992. She can look at and receive information on a variety of topics, including the following:

  • Personal Path
  • Life Purpose
  • Essence Reading
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Children
  • Passed-On Loved Ones
  • General Life Questions
  • Past-Life Regression
  • Guided Meditation
  • Dream Interpretation

She has the gift of knowing and sharing the higher meaning of what we are dealing with in our lives and gently stimulating one’s unfolding, as well as doing profound facilitating and healing work. She strives to give information that will be helpful and non-intrusive and has served as a spiritual guide and mentor for many people. Specific recommendations may also be transmitted during a session. Other modalities may be brought into Diane’s sessions, including Dream Interpretation, Guided Meditation, Regression, Natural Process Healing and Customized Exercises. Diane is an Expert on Intuition and has taught Intuitive Development in classes and workshops since 1996, including at Duke University, Dancing Moon, and University of Memphis, among others. She has also taught workshops and given presentations on Developing Intuition, Understanding Dreams, Personal Empowerment and Wholeness, Business Intuition, Natural Process Healing, and Heart-Centeredness, including at Rhine Research Center. Diane is the author of:

  • “Dream Interpretation for Beginners – Understand the Wisdom of Your Sleeping Mind” (April 2015)
  • “Intuition for Beginners – Easy Ways to Awaken Your Natural Abilities” (March 2013)
  • “Invisible Blueprints – Intuitive Insights for Fulfillment in Life”

Many of her articles have appeared in “Innerchange” and “Connexions,” and she’s a contributing author to “The Long Way Around” and “Speaking Out.”  Her next book, “Born Aware – Memories of Those Spiritually Since Birth and What We can Learn,” will be published by Llewellyn in Spring 2017. The French and Chinese editions of “Intuition for Beginners” have now been released, and the book will additionally be translated into Korean, Russian, and for India – thus far.  As of now, “Dream Interpretation for Beginners” will be translated into Estonian.

She has produced three meditation cds: “A Journey Within Guided Meditation,” “Natural Process Healing,” and “Brainstorm in the Boardroom with Great Leaders,” in addition to “Yes, You Can Sing.” She’s the former host of “Naturally Vibrant Living” on and “Vibrantly Green with Diane Brandon” on In addition, she has done many radio appearances on stations and shows throughout the country. She has also facilitated corporate seminars on Intuition, Creativity, and Listening Skills and teaches Wellness Classes on Sleep & Dreams and Stress Relief via Guided Meditation. Born and raised in New Orleans, Diane did her undergraduate and graduate work in the Triangle, at Duke and UNC, respectively, as well as French studies in Geneva, Switzerland at T. U. T. O. R. Session Pricing $60 / 30 minutes $100 / 60 minutes For More Information Email Diane Brandon


Are You Curious About Your Future? Jeff has been a student of the Kabalah since 1979. For the past 25 years, he has been incorporating the Kabbalah with his numerology readings. His readings have provided valuable insight for many men and women from all “walks of life”. The result is that his readings have given priceless insight to many individuals as to where they came from & as to where they are going. Many men and women who received an initial reading have come back year after year in seeking continued enlightenment as they continue on their life’s journey. The Kabbalah is a personal tool which will enable you to see where you came from and to see where you are going. Jeff’s readings will enable you to prepare for the future and avoid personal mistakes in your decisions. Session Pricing $45 / 30 minutes $85 / 60 minutes

dee_new2_webSpiritual Counselor Channeled Guidance Intuitive Counseling Astrology Tarot Spiritual Teacher, Astrology and Tarot Master and Reiki Master Teacher, Dee Shell has been doing intuitive counseling and teaching over twenty-five years. During her lifetime of spiritual study she has been a student and teacher of comparative religions, metaphysics, the mystical Kabala and various New Thought spiritual practices. Having explored both traditional and Mystical Christianity, she holds therein to a deeply personal devotion. She has communed with the angelic realm for many years. She has studied both Eastern and Western philosophies and honors both perspectives. Keen intuitiveness, insight and channeled guidance from angelic and ascended spiritual beings compliment all of Dee’s one on one readings. Dee’s intuitive sessions generally consist of a combination of clairvoyance and clairaudience. She communicates directly with your spirit guides and other teachers who assist you in your life path. Dee is currently exploring two important spiritual topics put forth by the planetary guides for our development at this time in our awakening. The first is the deepest roots of western spirituality which can be found in the Egyptian tradition of religion and magic. The second is the revelation of the hidden role of Heavenly Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene in the inner mysteries of Jesus’ teachings and their sacred influences. Exploring the divine feminine led Dee to create her line of Divine Feminine Jewelry. Services: Dee has a strong belief in the value of personal growth and personal empowerment and responsibility. In her individual counseling sessions, Dee shares the most effective techniques from her years of experience and study to facilitate personal growth for her clients. Astrology, Tarot and Channeled Guidance – Dee uses her highly developed spiritual vision is her work. Keen intuitiveness, insight born of experience, and the ability to communicate with spiritual beings complement Dee’s Astrology and Tarot readings. Fee: $50 for half hour, $90 for one hour   Certifications Order of Michael Member DNA Activation DNA Healing Isis Healing Technique Ko-Laimi-Ni Healing Reiki Master Tarot Master Professional Astrologer Essential Oils Practitioner Ordained Minister and Spiritual Counselor Session Pricing $50 / 30 minutes $90 / 60 minutes For More Information Email Dee Shell

Sharon Forster was born with the gift of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience and is a second generation Psychic, as her Jamaican born Father is also a gifted Psychic. Sharon uses her gifts to help those people who need practical advice with every day problems and to help them glimpse the otherside for answers as well.  Sharon believes in the power of forgiveness, which then allows healing to take place. She is an incredible woman who is humble, kind, soft spoken, and has immense energy and gifts. She brings a great sense of peace, awareness and well-being to her clients as a whole.

She is an energy healer, nutritional consultant, holistic health practitioner,spirit channel, and spiritual counselor. In the summer of 2018 she will be a licensed massage therapist as well. Sharon also, specializes in Angel/Oracle readings,Etheric Reconstructive Surgery(Working on an Etheric level with Master Surgeons and Acended Masters and Guides, Etheric Reconstruction removes distortions, traumatic responses, negativity, and is known to remove physical illness, trauma and heal on every level, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual).

Session pricing $60.00/30minutes $100/60 minutes- Angel/Oracle/Intuitive Reading

Etheric Reconstruction Surgery-$222.00


 Drew Becker has been interested in the miracle of the mind since youth and has endeavored to explore this fascinating realm for many years. He began studying astrology during college and continues to deepen his understanding.

Drew practices empowerment astrology with the intent of helping others maximize their gifts and talents and find ways to confront challenges and barriers in life.                         DrewBeckerPicture

Empowerment Astrology uses your astrological charts to uncover your innate talents and see how they fit into the way you have decided to live your life. These charts also enable you to touch on your authenticity. Finally they reveal some of the lessons you are here to learn as well as those you have already mastered or will do so in the future.

Natal readings: These are interpretations of your birth chart. We discuss the sign and house each of the planets in your chart and their aspects. Aspects are the geometric relationships between and among those planets, for instance, conjunctions, oppositions and squares. These patterns form themes in your chart.

Transits and Progressions: As we age and grow, the planets move and form aspects to our natal chart. Astrology can inform about the natural cycles and rhythms of your life. Transits are forces moving through birth chart in a lifetime which affect your astrological patterns and planets. Progressions are tool to view development logic of the birth chart from the inside as opposed to the transits for the outside. As symbolic movements of your planets these represent your personal growth.

Drew uses a combination of astrological knowledge and intuitive insights to form these interpretations. He records these sessions so that you may go back and listen again to glean more information.

Drew is also a certified KI Coach and helps clients as a personal coach. He also offers the Purpose-Powered Professional workshop and one-on-one coaching to help clients discover their authenticity and become more strongly grounded in their unique purpose. As a Reiki Master, Drew teaches classes with his wife Diana Henderson. He also is certified for DNA Activation and DNA Healing and is a member of the Order of Michael. Whether working with astrology, coaching or Reiki, his goal is to enable individuals to become more self-reliant, to align with their life mission and to reach for what is really important.

He was a founding member of the Network of Triangle Astrologers and was president of the local chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research for several years.

Please send your birth information for a more complete reading:

Birth time Date and Time
Birthplace ( City, County, State, Country)
Current location ( City, County, State, Country) for transit and progression readings

Session pricing: $100/ 60 minutes 

For More Information call Drew Becker at (919) 264-9868 or email 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. 

Dr. Foulkes is a Reiki Master, teacher, historical researcher and author of four books written with Spirit. After ten yeaars of study she has earned a commission in the Spiritualist Church as a certified medium. She has also completed Brian Weiss’ professional course in Past Life Regression Therapy and gives classes on various healing modalities including Alchemy Healing with the use of these regressions and her own academic research on Past Lives.

  • Connection with loved ones in Spirit
  • Future Casting
  • Past Lives
  • Life Readings

Session Pricing $50 / 15 minutes $100 / 30 minutes $200 / 60 minutes $250 / 60 minutes – Past Life Regression For More Information Email Deborah Foulkes

Let Jan introduce you to your Angels and Guides.  Trained as a psychologist and raised by a scientist, Jan was taught to trust her feelings and nurture her intuition.  This has made her one of the most successful intuitive readers known nationally today.  Jan helps to bring people to their full potential and has changed lives by helping them understand their path and by removing negativity.  Spiritual cleansing of houses and businesses are among her specialties, and keep her active locally.

  • Past Life Regressions
  • Future, healing and inner peace
  • Find our your Divine plan, life path and financial advice
  • Relationships, Karmic breaks and finding your soul mate

Session Pricing $60 / 30 minutes $100 / 60 minutes For More Information Email Jan Petrie

Jungian Psychologist providing expert guidance for your relationships, wealth, health, careers, and more!  Hav eyou found yourself wondering, “Why am I here…and what am I supposed to do with my life? What will my romantic relationships be like? What kinds of careers can I excel in? What is my spiritual life path?”  Would you like to know what YOUR unique future holds?  John Wessel’s palm-readings, follow-up counseling sessions, and finacinal consultations can tell you that and much more! Practicing astrology for over 45 years, John Wessels also has a B.A., M.B.A., M.Div., and Ph.D. degrees from Duke University as well as third degree black belt in Shorin-Ryu Karate Do and first degree black belt in Judo.  He is also an expert palm reader.  John was taught astrology in his early teens by his two aunts, who were professional astrologers in Philadelphia in the 50s and 60s.  Widely acclaimed as an expert astrologer, John has interpreted thousands of astrological charts for clients throughout the world during the past 45 years.

  • Shadow healing
  • Spiritual counseling for individuals and couples
  • Financial consultations tailored to the 21st century
  • Jungian archetype and spiritual life path analysis
  • Palmistry and Astrology

Session Pricing $70 / 30 minutes $125 / 60 minutes For More Information Email John Wessels John’s Linkedin

Because they hold the records of the soul’s journeys through all lives, some people think the Akashic Records are about past lives only. But if you are reading this, you’re an embodied soul who is here, alive and still evolving. And your most important life – plus the one the Akashic Masters are most supremely situated to help you with –is the one you have NOW. The Akashic Masters offer strategic information to help you make the best free-will choices for your future, and support you in aligning with your soul’s purpose for this life. And throughout any session they also bathe you in healing light energy that uplifts, clears, and empowers you to co-create what you most long for going forward.

Rebecca has given thousands of Akashic Records Readings since beginning as a consultant in 2005. She began metaphysically as a Sukyo Mahi Kari Energy Healer in 1989, next became a Reiki Master, and graduated from the Barbara Brennan International Healing School’s 4-year Professional Healing program in 2003. Rebecca has also worked as a full-service Astrologer, and as a Psychic Medium, since 1997. She holds a B.A. in Communications, and had practices in the Washington, DC area and Miami, FL before moving to North Carolina in 2006. Rebecca now has offices in Raleigh and Wilmington NC, and also works by Skype and phone nationally and internationally. For more information call her at 305-343-2896, write, or go to

Session Pricing $65 / 30 minutes $105 / 60 minutes $150 / 90 minutes For More Information


Sharri offers co-creative sessions using her gift of sixth-sense intuition and deep listening to assist you on your life’s journey of healing, wholeness and inner peace. She has been immersed in spiritual, metaphysical, philosophical and self-development studies and experiences since 1985, culminating in an ability to receive messages for your highest good and guidance. Sharri has come to know the miracle and magic of “two or more” gathered in the Name of Higher Divine Consciousness, thus she firmly believes in the process of Co-creation with her clients.

Session pricing:    30 minutes/$60          60 minutes/$110


Additionally, Sharri is an Integrative Reflexologist, Reiki Energy Practitioner and Certified Yoga Teacher, offering healing sessions by appointment in her private office located at Dancing Moon Bookstore in Raleigh, NC.



Do you have unanswered questions about your relationships, your career or your life path?  Would you like help in discovering and developing your inner gifts?  Denise is a gifted intuitive and spiritual coach who focuses on assisting and supporting others in remembering, discovering, exploring and living their true purpose and personal path.  She connects with high frequencies of Light to offer guidance in making choices and moving forward in life.  IMG_0191

Denise has recognized her intuitive abilities at a young age.  She spent a good deal of her life studying, exploring and practicing energy healing in many forms.  Denise spend many years living in Arizona and New Mexico and in her travels has studied extensively many fields including multi-dimensional communication, intuition and consciousness expansion.  This has helped her in her work in supporting others learning to be open-hearted, authentic and purposeful.  Denish is committed to creating community that is focused on creative expression, cooperation and New Earth Blueprint.  

Denise facilitates workshops that teach meditation and sacred movement, releasing restrictive patterns and tools for creating a life with joy and purpose.  She is also an energy facilitator that offers Soul Star Activations, Release and Re-pattern Sessions, as well as Time Line Attumenents.

Introductory exchange: 30-minutes – $60.00 and 60-minutes – $110.00

Jean comes from a family of intuitive women. Her paternal and maternal grandmothers both read tea leaves. Her paternal grandmother also was a medium with a unique ability to not only see and communicate with ones who have passed on, but have dreams of someone who was going to pass away. Jean’s mother is a gifted Trance Channel.

Coming from a family of seers, Jean has always felt that there was more she could to do to master her abilities of clairvoyance. Jean is a life long intuitive empath and Tarot Card reader. She’s also received messages from those who have passed on, while doing reading for clients. This doesn’t happen every time, but if a loved one has a message, Jean is able to pass that message on to the client. She uses the classic Celtic cross spread, which is a traditional spread. This type of spread can reveal many aspects regarding the client and their situation. This type of reading is very in-depth and informative regarding the past, the present and the future. Jean has been reading Tarot professionally since 2004 and has helped many people on their path to self-realization.

Session pricing $50 / 30 minutes $90 / 60 minutes contact:

David offers:  Complete astrological birth chart analysis. This will help you to know yourself better. It illuminates specific qualities of your soul/personality including how you relate to the physical world, your emotional and mental processing styles, and the way you relate to others. On a deeper level the birth chart also reveals what karmic tasks you have agreed to take on in this life.    David Shell

Transits and Progressions. These help explain the timing of what the World is presenting us with now.
David can help to understand and clear Past Life and karmic influences that hinder growth. Though often not easy or painless, he can provide support and foster courage to face and work through your personal challenges. The Buddha calls it Right Livelihood: the career that is right for us. David can help you recognize what you might be good at and also enjoy doing.                      

Relationship analysis: help in understanding the areas of compatibility and pitfalls. This is done by assessing the physical, emotional, mental and social qualities of both parties. Then he can overlay the karmic components of the relationship to clarify what needs to be done to access all the potential for healing growth and fulfillment.

About David:  David has 42 years of experience. He is an Ordained Minister, Reiki Master and, a Past Life Therapist and also carries numerous other professional credentials. He is a master teacher and practitioner of both Astrology and Tarot. He uses Astrology, Tarot and Intuitive Gifts to gently and certainly stimulate your own understanding and awaken your inner power and courage. When you ask him specific questions you will receive clear, definite and usable answers. He balances the power of his insights with humor and compassion, allowing you to feel at ease and optimistic about your future. His experienced guidance gives you the tools to reclaim your power, control your life, and enhance your self-awareness. You will be pleasantly surprised at how empowering a spiritual perspective on your life can be.  Rates: $50.00 for 30-min, $100.00 for 60-min and $125.00 for 90-min. Please provide David with birth info at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.