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$14.95Amata’s Choice”, Cherie Lassiter
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Amata’s Choice”, Cherie Lassiter



“A Vestal Virgin of ancient Rome, chosen to guard the  eternal flame…

“A Vestal Virgin of ancient Rome, chosen to guard the  eternal flame within Vesta’s Temple is faced with this challenge to follow her heart which stands in defiance of the most powerful empire of the world.
Being true to herself and what she believed in ultimately left Amata buried alive beneath the catacombs of Rome.

Her journey will become your own as you follow her quest for peace, forgiveness and healing in a broken world. Sparked by imagination and past life memories, Amata’s Choice is the inspired work of Psychic/Medium, Cherie Lassiter.

A lifetime as a Vestal Virgin of ancient Rome made its way into Cherie’s conscious awareness with a powerful story of one woman’s quest for truth and love. The messages contained within this book speak to all of humanity as we search for the meaning of life’s triumphs and tragedies.”

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