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Room Rental

Room Rental at Dancing Moon

Host your next event with us… Dancing Moon Books & Gifts is more than just a bookstore! It is our intention to be the bridge for the seeker who wishes to become the knower by providing space, resources, community, and support; furthermore, it is our intention to maintain our environment as a pure reflection of our purpose. The Dancing Moon currently rents space to various facilitators, as we are now blessed to offer two wonderful rooms available for rental!

Classroom: This large room seats 45-55 people comfortably (theater seating) and has been the site for many classes, workshops, seminars and lectures.

Front Room: This room is located in the front of the store on the left side as you walk in and seats 10-15 people.  It is available to rent for book signings ONLY.

If you are looking for a place to rent and would like to consider the Moon please read through the Room Rental Agreement below. This document is to provide an agreement in support of our intentions and in an effort to assist you in providing gatherings that permit optimal interactions between you and your participants. Please note that the room rental fee includes your event in our newsletter, our event calendar, and bulletin boards, so all requests require a minimum 4 weeks’ notice prior to the actual event date! (Events are typically posted at the beginning and the middle of each month.) As a suggestion that may be helpful, feel free to view all the events posted on our calendar AND be sure you sign up for our newsletters! Come back and visit the online events calendar page often! Thank you for considering Dancing Moon Books & Gifts as your location choice for your special event or program!

Room Rental Agreement

Dancing Moon Books & Gifts currently rents space to various facilitators. We will provide you with a safe environment for your workshop/seminar, providing a place for you: to place flyers on our events board, in the community area, and list your workshop/seminar on our web-site and on our monthly calendar of events. We will not collect fees for your event/program. We will do our best to make sure that people know of your services, but we do not make any guarantees that you will get walk-in participation at the store. Promotion of your services should be done by yourself to insure that your visit is successful, as in any business. Our experience is that successful events take place when you put the needed time into promoting your event via flyers, your mailing lists and/or e-mail lists, and provide enough notification time, such as allowing 4 weeks’ prior notice.

Classroom Rates and Hours (Seats - 45 - 55 Theater style)

Tuesday through Thursday 11:30am – 5:30pm $30.00/hr. with a 2 hour minimum. $70.00 for half day (3 hours) $130.00 for full day (4+ hours)
Friday and Saturday Friday 11:30am – 7:00pm** Saturday 10:30am – 7:00pm**  $40.00/hr. with a 2 hour minimum. $95.00 for half day (3 hours) $175.00 for full day (4+ hours)
Sunday 1:00pm – 6:00pm**  $40.00/hr. with a 2 hour minimum. $175.00 for full day (5 hours)

**Facility rental hours that are requested outside of the above schedule, requires an additional hourly fee of $20.00/hour for each additional hour (no-partial hour fees), and is dependent upon staff availability. ALL ROOM RENTAL APPLICATIONS MUST HAVE PAYMENT IN FULL AT THE TIME OF BOOKING.

Front Room Rates and Hours (Seats - 15 - 20 Theater style)

Please note: the Front Room is for BOOK SIGNINGS ONLY although you can rent the classroom for book signings as well.  


Tuesday through Thursday 11:30am – 5:30pm $15.00/hr. with a 2 hour minimum. $40.00 for half day (3 hours) $70.00 for full day (4+ hours)
Friday and Saturday Friday 11:30am – 7:00pm** Saturday 10:30am – 7:00pm**  $25.00/hr. with a 2 hour minimum. $60.00 for half day (3 hours) $100.00 for full day (4+ hours)
Sunday 1:00pm – 6:00pm**  $25.00/hr. with a 2 hour minimum. $100.00 for full day (5 hours)

**Facility rental hours that are requested outside of the above schedule, requires an additional hourly fee of $20.00/hour for each additional hour (no-partial hour fees), and is dependent upon staff availability. ALL ROOM RENTAL APPLICATIONS MUST HAVE PAYMENT IN FULL AT THE TIME OF BOOKING.


Workshop/seminars/book signings must be cancelled 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the event date to allow time to communicate the cancellation on the website and in our newsletters. If you choose to cancel your event, it is your responsibility to communicate with your registered attendees, and not the responsibility of the Dancing Moon. Notice of cancellation means this agreement is completed in full. To schedule another event at another time requires a new agreement, following the terms and conditions and fee schedules of the new agreement. You are responsible for any extra equipment, such as projectors, screens, televisions, DVD players, etc. Please see the “Refund Policy” for further information.

Refund Policy

Due to the high demand for renting our space, we are unable to provide refunds. However, if you have provided us with 14 days advanced notice of cancellation in writing, and we are able to subsequently book the room for your specific time slot, you will receive a 50% refund.

Payments for Your Program

  1.  We recommend that unless you have a way to accept charge cards, that you indicate on your flyer that you accept checks or cash only. We will not process charges for you.
  2. Checks made for payment of your services should be made out to you, and you have all responsibility for collecting on them, registering attendees, and collecting their contact information.

Book Signing Information

If you wish to conduct a book signing, please note the following:


  1. If you wish to rent the large classroom for a workshop, then the standard Room Rental Agreement procedures and room rates apply. Dancing Moon will take care of all book sales. If we purchase the books directly from you they will be treated as if we purchased them from a vendor at a 60/40 split. After your book signing and/or lecture is complete, you will receive payment for books sold and/or a check for books sold will be mailed directly to you, the balance of the books will be returned to you at the end of your program. This applies to any item that you have for sale: CDs, DVDs, bowls, bells, etc.
  2. If the book is distributed with New Leaf or one of our other vendors, we need 3 weeks’ notice to obtain copies of the book for you.
  3. If you are distributing your own book, consider sending us multiple copies of your book and your flyers so that we can help promote your event. Copies of your book may be placed prior to your event on a consignment basis and will be taken care of as described in step 1.

General Room Policy

There is a general NO FOOD / NO BEVERAGE POLICY, only CAPPED WATER BOTTLES will be allowed in the classroom, an exception will be made for all day classes that require a lunch break. There is also a NO CANDLE POLICY for this room, if an exception is made on your behalf, you will be required to keep all candles in glass containers and there is an additional $100 room damage deposit that will be returned to you after your classroom session and room evaluation. Please ask about any other areas of concern. We hope to make your experience as pleasant as possible! If upon review of this agreement you are interested in receiving available dates for your event, please provide the following information.



  1. Contact the store via email at with a short description of your proposed event, which room you would like, your website if you have one, and a few dates that interest you. (Please refer to our Events Calendar for possible open dates before-hand).
  2. Read, Understand, and Complete in full the Room Rental Agreement that we will send to you and you then send back via email along with sample flyer and your promotional “sentences”.
    • Payment in full – can be made over the phone (we do not accept AmEx) or paid in person
    • Signed and completed Room Rental Agreement -hard copy of pages 6-7 only
    • Flyer 30 hard copies. ***Note: We will not print these copies for you.  You many mail them to the store.


Email flyer: NOTE: DO NOT STATE ANYWHERE ON THE FLYER, “DANCING MOON PRESENTS”. The Dancing Moon may be listed only as the location of your event. We are also not the point of contact for any questions regarding your event, so please be sure your contact information is clearly listed, and also explain that all payments and registrations for your event will be handled by you. DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE A SAMPLE FLYER WITH YOUR REQUEST! WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCEPT YOUR APPLICATION WITHOUT IT! We need something sent to us via email (soft copy) to as your flyer for your event, if you wish to be on the online calendar and our e-newsletter. Visit the Events Calendar for examples of other events being held at the Dancing Moon. Since the e-Newsletter is sent out twice a month, this is DUE BY THE 20TH TO: Mail to us or drop off hard copies of the flyers: If you’d like us to put flyers in the store. One flyer can be used for each event(s), if you like. DUE AS SOON AS YOU’D LIKE THEM IN THE STORE TO PROMOTE YOUR EVENTS!

Sentences Regarding Your Event

Email one or two sentences for the e-Newsletter.  Write what you would you like it to say for each of your event(s). Here’s an example from one done in May: Crystallite Life Workshop Series with Gosia Mavatar. If you are interested and ready to step into the unknown territories of yourself where your soul is alive and thriving in God, then you are ready for this powerful soul travel. For more information, visit Time 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., Cost: $10.00.

To Sell Your Items

If you wish us to sell your particular book, please see the “Book Signing” portion of this agreement; we would need 3 TO 4 WEEKS’ NOTICE TO PURCHASE THESE FOR YOU. List any books, tapes, or sales aids that you may refer to 3-4 weeks prior to event, so that we may have them available for purchase. These sales will go through as retail sales at the Dancing Moon register. Otherwise, all other sales through the Dancing Moon are 40% of the sales to the Dancing Moon. Provide books, CDs, flyers, etc., in advance of your book signing/workshop; items may be on a consignment basis, if you are interested.

Room Rental Agreement – Application

Send an event proposal via email to for approval. Let us know if you are interested in a particular day/night of the week day or a Saturday and/or Sunday, and in what month are you interested, keeping in mind a minimum 4 weeks’ notice is required. NOTE:  TO MAKE THIS PROCESS AS FAST AS POSSIBLE AND TO AVOID SCHEDULING CONFLICTS, PLEASE CHECK OUR WEBSITE CALENDAR FIRST TO SEE IF THE ROOM IS AVAILABLE.

Checklist for Dancing Moon Room Rental

Step 1 Checklist

  1. Get pre-approval for your proposed event.
  2. Review Room Rental Agreement in full for all requirements. Complete the agreement and check the “Events Calendar” at Dancing Moon for availability; must be 30-days’ advance notice.
  3. Prepare a sample flyer to be used online and in the store.
  4. Prepare the sentences to be used online and on the store calendar.

Send the above 3 items to We will reply within 48-74 hours with available dates and times, as other pending requests are not posted online for public viewing. Step 2 Checklist

  1. Once you receive notice of open dates/times, this notice includes an expiration date to accept the offer within 3 days.
  2. If a date/time is agreed to between you and the Dancing Moon, please note that payment is due in full within the 3 days with the above 3 items completed in full. (Please do not remove any pages from the agreement .)Payment is made directly to the Dancing Moon within those 3 days and can be paid either: – over the phone – in person

***Payments cannot be accepted unless all three (3) items above are completed;you will lose your reservation if not completed within 3 days.***

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